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Fifty-Thousand Thoughts: Day Dream Tides

We experience some 50,000 thoughts each day, every day of our lives.

If one is living in the midst of civilization, one will experience one’s consciousness due of 50,000 ... whether or not others accuse or shame one for “overthinking”.

It is how we ourselves -becoming ever more authentic as a dedicated witness- ‘come to experience’ the 50,000 thoughts that is of concern. Quality and enjoyment of life are directly related to quality of thought. One is likely merely reflexively skinny-dipping into the stream: but what if one were to deep dive and ponder?

What if, most of the time during that 50,000 thought-flow, one “found” oneself both enjoying while simultaneously directing one’s thoughts?

Such is an ‘arguable’ reason to not watch TV, and to not follow the Jim Jones’s of the human realm into jungles being made dead with festering dogma snd burning ash.

Rather, treat your mind as the moment)ous( tool that it is- a vehicle for poetry, music making, or philosophy.

Practice, one day, shall make the conductor fit to deploy Mind as a Maestro.

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