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Living in Stop-Time: Ensnared or Enlivened?

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

The death or accident or war injury that stopped one’s ‘time’ for ‘real’ is, if reacted to with courage and insight . . .

Once one has experienced the manifold senses of self stationed in ‘stopped time’ for days or weeks, then returning later to the formerly assumed serial unfolding of time as the only possible experience of self knowing is ‘now’ much more a construct that a phenomenal ‘given’ : for a vast space of potential has opened, a yawning chasm- a gulf not of the former imprisoned senses of temporal entrenchment, but of new possibility to abide in open plains of ease and awe : the powerful, undeniable direct ‘notions’ of stopped time will likely now forever be one’s perceptual compass, will simultaneously be north/south/east/west in a single ‘moment’ of positioning one’s energy and perceptual attention ‘span’ :

It is perhaps the most fundamental, revolutionary change a human being can come to know- the seeming lightning bolt of death that stops all time, but whose illuminating spark persists, caught in the sentient being’s flash wound of new comprehension.

The death or accident or war injury that stopped one’s ‘time’ for ‘real’ is, if reacted to with courage and insight, the greatest boon one may ever receive : one must choose to react either with the constrictive thousand yard stare, or with the open vision of a far greater seeing.

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