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Meditation Praxis: The Sun Pillar

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

The sun pillar is a crystalline light manifestation in the outer world which mirrors the pillar of flame that is activated / experienced in the "third eye" chakra as one's Tantric practice deepens and matures. Neither of these manifestations, outward or inward, are mere symbols: both are living manifestations. As above, so below. Encountering a phenomenon such as a sun pillar in the outer world - and this not as a symbol but as a current of living energy - shows us what to "recognize" when we one day encounter it in the inner world of meditation practice. Thus the outer world elements ever assist us, teach us, alert us! The "inner world's" sun pillar, manifesting in the third eye, is one of the most extraordinary experiences in the world of spirit as it intersects with human physiology. Once experienced, one wakens to a new phase of one's journey in the "Great Work".

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