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Poetic Vehicles & Attempted Readings

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

My ongoing poetics investigations continue to strive in the direction of identifying ever more appropriate physical vehicles to both posit and also manifest the full extent of spatial-tempor)t(al "open fields" of multivalent associative meaning. The latest such vehicle is a conventional puzzle (a construction meme with which we are all familiar) - but, here, whose broken pieces serve more clearly to clue the viewer in to the sheer indeterminate nature of how meaning and signification arise (both in the mind, as well as in the public venue of "attempted reading"). This is just a teaser- you'll need to attend the opening the evening (5 - 8 PM) of February 13 at the Ozone Fine Art Gallery on the Bayfront in Newport, Oregon to be witness to the actual artifact. It will remain on view for a couple months thereafter.

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