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‘tech debt’ : taking in the trash

The seductions of technology are founded upon an unquestioned and assumed contemporary species requirement for power, speed, penetration, and superhuman fingers for data collection and manipulation.

The promise of “ease”, “comfort”, and “fulfillment” is held out as the purported justification for technological prowess.

But high technology has in point of fact afforded us none of these outcomes (with few exceptions, such as certain specific medical capabilities).

In order to deconstruct the lure of acting in the already given role of the ‘technician’, one must debunk the implicit assumption that “power”, “speed”, “penetration”, and “collection/manipulation” are necessary in the first place.

A new and uniquely critical investigation of the losses within the human heart’s constitution that have accumulated throughout modernity must supplant the planet-wide resource exploitation qua exploration to reach the seductive, but insensate core of the sun as scientists’ data egg yolk.


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