Michael D. Main : Poetics
Manfred Evertz : Fine Art


Main joins forces with Northern European painter Manfred Evertz in this, his third exploration into deep field Language Poetics. This work, dating from 2011, is Main's most daring venture yet, employing a never before witnessed form of practice which he terms 'Language Dance Imprints'. The editing team at Caketrain argued long into the night before finally accepting this work into their cutting edge journal.

Michael D. Main : Poetics
Alison Lola Linnitt : Photography

History Of Love

It began with a single but improbable photo shoot session from Alison Linnitt on a remote ocean shore in Europe. In this, Main's second book-length cycle in Language Poetics from 2010, Linnitt's images provide inspiration for a very different form of "sense" in myth making.

Michael D. Main : Poetics
Henry Avignon : Fine Art
Michael Annis : Editor / Publisher, HDP

Quintet For The Apocalypse

Main purchased the rights to a unique selection of photographs from New York photographer Henry Avignon in 2009, then worked with avant-garde Colorado publisher Michael Annis to arrive at a concept for a textual / image jazz "fusion" in poetics which surely ought to have been impossible to execute. Here a once in a career visionary "dare" among peers -each working at the top of their game- comes to a masterful fruition. Nearly all in the public space were silent on the prospect of disastrous climate change in 2009- thus the utter necessity of this project. You can also review the book sampler further here on ISSUU, and you may consider purchasing the limited hardcover art edition from HDP.

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