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a series of dreams

Our life long ‘series of dreams’ ? : is it not the repression of desire?

As if desire’s function manifests an ‘essential singularity’- one that leads to strange eruptions — to the acute midnight needle, that blue pen deepening, widening its seeming aberrant narrative in the sound flux of sleep?

Or no? Is such dreaming rather our present incapacity for waking consciousness to fully articulate and accommodate its innate ‘dynamic ambivalence flows’ of desiring? Our locked, systemic language, so opposed to meta-vocality, placing the broad range of subjective capacitators in a throat-hold?

The night black ritual of the mundane tongue compels its single keynote …

Yet what of our blocked flow of consciousness’s metavalent will to ideate as a choral composition toward robust ranges of meaning? Might such blockage accelerate the arousal and constitution of mad, bedridden dreams to the very degree which rich, ambivalent ideation is denied its wakeful thrust toward manifold fields of revealed agreement?

The eruption and release of multivalent expression thus requires a robust series of dream recurrence . . . witnessed in manifest narrative experience as dis-joined and jarring to the threshold degree in which dynamic, spontaneous, and free agreements fail to find welcome in the ‘open field’ operations of the waking mind.


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