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Meditation Praxis: Of Foreground & Background Consciousness and the Falling Through

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

It is not simply where the eye falls, but how one's eyesight falls. Is one's vision "falling" open, or "falling" closed.

Observe the assumed reflection of tree limbs upon virgin snow. It is precisely this type of phenomenal impression upon the senses and mind stream that can lead to sudden enlightenment.

The keys to the kingdom are ever available.

ractice allowing phenomenal impressions from the supposed outer world to "locate" the proximity of limitless pure presence to "you".

First, learn to spontaneously become aware of the flowing intersection of foreground and background as it manifests in the natural environment, the 'outer world'. Once so apprehended, spontaneously integrate your conscious awareness with the most subtle movement occurring at the very heart of this foreground / background intersection: say, the minute movement of the shadow of a twig in the wind against the sunlit surface of snow.

Sudden enlightenment manifests when your consciousness becomes an empty shell, wherein the subtle movement is neither inner nor outer, neither still nor moving.

This experience, at first, is a rare one. Once one has encountered the manifestation, manifest confidence that you will arrive at this awareness moment again. Then, over a long expanse of time, you can learn to find / lose your consciousness in such a moment again, and ever again. A momentum to move in this direction must be created, but the action of one's personal will must remain subtle, utterly unforced, and ever without egoic purposefulness or agenda.

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