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Philosophy | Not Belief

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

All while looking outward toward the improbable infinite . . .

When first coming to ‘belief’, one cannot conceive that one shall ever cease to believe, but if enough time passes and a plethora of experiences intervene, ‘belief’ will vanish as if a strand of sewing thread caught by the wind : what one will know instead, then, is the quick and summary diffusion of what was, all along, a mere habit- no, not belief.

Saints hold true to their belief- their mission is too vital for the tyranny of mental hat and habit : the rest of us, unsustained, are likely to fold our cards, caught up short, startled and blinking into the breech.

Philosophy, not belief.

Life is a rigorous series of “applied experiential sessions” of “constitutive identity practice”. The discipline of Philosophy informs and underpins the journeying that lived life and real world processes of ‘queries / provisional working conclusions’ entail.

There can be no ultimate conclusions or refuge. We cannot claim success or salvation. Until the last breath, we must minute by minute apply ourselves to each our own continually evolving ‘interior unique strategies’.

All while -in a stance of radical humility- simultaneously looking outward toward the improbable infinite.


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