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relinquishing the cloak

Increasingly aware that had I somehow, inexplicably, come-to-persist in more than one given time . . .

I experienced all the constituents of my old life fall away- dropping one by one, slowly but surely: the people, the residences of psyche and circumstance, the particular career assignments and economic parameters, the experiences, the places, the scenes and sites, the social milieus together with their attendant behavioral expectations and values.

I pivoted away from all of them just as they in their turn fell away from me- a manifold gesturing action (universally prompted from every direction) of moving on -

All, as I look back, all of this movement percolating with existential inevitability. Why? Surely only to make way for myself as sole individual to stand aright, reoriented, now looking to the center of this might-be-known now.


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