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tears of embodiment

That spirit should so willfully adhere to flesh is the cause of every tear that is shed, every wall erected, and every outpost racked with iron arms . . .

Plotinus, philosophizing in the stone corridors of corrupt Rome, is said to have been “embarrassed” to have caught himself bound up in a corporeal body- he protested vigorously against the notion of submitting to his ‘likeness’ being depicted in a sculpted bust.

His following, persisting in the admirable folly of ages, nevertheless sketched out the contours his bony face -

They laced their hearts with ambiguity at the task of making ‘Good’ his abstruse sentences, all while he, side-skirting the infinite, baffled his brains across the wavering emanation of papyrus, but with each stroke salving empire’s smarting eyes


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